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The electric heater of air duct needs to be used with the control cabinet
2020-7-21 Reading times:[613]

The air duct electric heater is made of heat-resistant and heat-insulating materials, easy to absorb moisture, and should be placed in a ventilated and dry place. If the air duct electric heater inhales moisture during transportation and storage, it should be dried before use to ensure that the insulation resistance is not low, and 0.5 megohm can be used. Before using the air duct electric heater, check the diameter and size of the heating bolt to determine the specification of the heater and the length and diameter of the valve seat. The power of air duct electric heater is higher than heat energy.

In order to ensure the safety of workers and prolong the service life of the heater, the heater should be inserted into the bolt hole to be electrified, and the power supply must be cut off when pulling out. Air duct electric heater is a kind of special equipment which uses the principle of thermal expansion and cold contraction to remove bolts. Therefore, when using the heater, the body temperature should be lower than 80 ”ę. When using the air duct electric heater, the elongation coefficient of the bolt should be taken out in time to avoid the overheated screw causing bite.

The tube electric heater needs, in use, it is not allowed to have uniform heat and local overheating, each time for 5 to 30 minutes. In the case of intermittent heating, the total clearance rate of the central hole of the bolt electric heater with an outer diameter of 0.81.3 mm is appropriate. In the case of direct heating cabinet, the DC voltage control of heating cabinet is 120V or less, usually 110V. After using the bolt electric heater, please hang up the machine perpendicular to the discharge heater, cool and flatten before others to prevent bending deformation. During the normal storage, please keep dry, and do not keep wet.

When using the air duct electric heater produced by the enterprise, please use the matching DC power to control the cabinet through the heater, and adjust the working voltage to 110V, connect the connecting wires of each area, close the single circuit breaker, and then the power system can be put into use after the connection time. If there is no matching fund, it is not a social production control cabinet, it must be able to distinguish it is composed of contactor control buttons, etc. when the output is 220 V electric heater control cabinet, it can be directly plugged in. When using the DC heater control cabinet composed of silicon controlled rectifier, please adjust the voltage to 110V, and then connect the heater and use it. In the development process of using electronic products, if the design of this kind of connection sensor plug is inconsistent, the plug connecting the original plug to one end of the electric heater will be removed and replaced with the special plug, which can be used directly.

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