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These matters must be paid attention to when the oil heater is installed and used
2020-7-21 Reading times:[570]
1. Strictly follow the heating curve.
2. Do not put into use when the pressure difference is unstable.
3. When the boiler is shut down and the oil temperature drops below 80 ”ę, the hot oil circulating pump can be shut down.
4. Make sure that the heat transfer oil circulates well at high temperature.
5. During normal operation, the heat transfer oil in the high level tank should be kept at a high level, and the heat transfer oil in the oil storage tank should be at a low level.
6. The oil outlet temperature shall not exceed the allowable working temperature of heat transfer oil.
7. The furnace shall not be flushed with water during emergency shutdown.
8. Different types of heat transfer oil shall not be mixed.
9. The vent of oil storage tank shall be connected to safety area.
10. The heating rate must follow the heating curve.
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Contact person:Manager Chen””MobilePhone:157-0510-7821(Same as wechat)””Telephone:0515-88602418 Su ICP Bei No.12345678-1
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