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Causes and solutions of resistance wire being burned off in flange heating pipe
2020-7-21 Reading times:[678]

The flange heating tube is a tubular electric heating element, which is composed of metal tube spiral resistance wire and crystalline magnesium oxide powder. The electric heating pipe refers to the uniform distribution of high temperature resistance wire in stainless steel seamless pipe, and the gap is filled with crystalline magnesium oxide powder with good thermal conductivity and insulation performance. It is not only advanced in structure, but also has high thermal efficiency, uniform heat and current in high temperature resistance wire. When passing through, the heat generated diffuses to the surface of the metal tube through the magnesium oxide powder, and then transfers to the heated parts or air, so as to achieve the purpose of heating.

The reason why the resistance wire of electric heating pipe is blown off is as follows:

A. The electric heating tube is burnt out, causing short circuit;

B. The wire or wire of electric heating tube is short circuited;

C. The diameter of resistance wire is too small and the capacity is insufficient;

D. The electric heating socket will accumulate dust or carbonization and cause short circuit;

E. Short circuit between power cord plug and power socket;

The solution is:

A. Replace the heating pipe;

B. Re welding;

C. Replace the appropriate resistance wire electric heating tube. In general, Fe Cr Al resistance wire can be used.

D. Remove dirt, repair or replace parts

E. Repair or replace the power plug or power socket.

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